Frontend Engineer

Job description

Timber is looking for a Javascript expert to join our Brooklyn office, and help us build incredible tools for developers around the world. Your goal will be to use cutting edge technologies to help engineers pinpoint issues, monitor their applications, and deliver great customer experiences.

More about you

Our ideal candidate for this role should have a background in software development, and thorough experience working with both client and server-side Javascript applications. You get excited about new technologies, keep up with the latest trends in development, contribute to open source, and love meeting with developers to help them grow and solve problems. You appreciate a well thought out API, clean code and concise documentation, and generally have a high bar for what a great user experience should be.

Highlights of the role

As an early member of the team, you’ll have a profound impact on what we build, how we grow, and how we solve important problems for teams around the world. You’ll work closely with our product and engineering team to help us excite, involve and delight customers. You’ll dive deep into React, Node, Webpack, CSS-in-JS, and get to experiment with cutting edge technologies constantly.


  • 3-4 years development experience with Javascript, React, & Node
  • Expertise in Javascript, REST APIs, React and managing state. Knowledge of Redux, Redux-Saga, GraphQL, and other parts of the React ecosystem are a big plus
  • Comfortable with Git, GitHub, the terminal, continuous deployment and integration, SPAs and other modern fundamentals
  • History of participation in open source development, through contributions or other community activities
  • A good understanding of the basic principles of design and user experience
  • Technical writing skills demonstrated by past blogging, or other written work
  • Passion interacting with the developer community
  • A knack for being able to learn, process and explain complex concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences